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Sacred Yoga Institute

Inner Work Yoga Teacher Training


Become a Spiritual Teacher + Holistic Healer  

& a 200hr Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher

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Take this training if you want to be able to transform people's lives and guide them in their spiritual
self-healing journey

We don't train teachers to teach fitness-based yoga classes. We train teachers on how to help people expand their consciousness, self-heal,

and transform their lives through Inner Work


Our goal at Sacred Yoga Institute is to reintroduce the ancient and original practices and philosophies of yoga that are designed to help individuals reach their highest potential of Supreme Consciousness. And to blend those ancient practices with modern holistic psychology and Inner Work to powerfully transform people from the inside out. 

Our promise is that our teachers leave our program confident in transforming people's lives. Whether it be by creating their own programs or leading their own workshops, retreats or one-on-one coaching--our teachers are more than equipped to design their own personal spiritual brand helping people in the ways they always dreamed of.

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Unprecedented Results

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Immerse yourself in the spiritual yoga lifestyle and transform yourself from the inside out.


Learn how to teach and lead from your own experience, inspiration, and internalized wisdom



Learn how to facilitate transformative experiences for people both online and in-person


Diversify your offerings with unlimited potential beyond typical physical fitness yoga classes



I highly recommend Sacred Yoga Institute! Ash and Mat are authentic and genuine experienced practitioners and teachers of yoga! This teacher training has prepared me to feel confident in teaching yoga, including kriyas, kundalini, and work with yantra, mantra, and mudras, as well as guiding meditations and inner work processes. This training taught me how to confidently hold space for my students and how to lead from my heart and from my own experience as a teacher. On top of this I also learned how to create and start an online platform from which I can teach yoga from as a business for myself! I learned so much! In addition Mat and Ash’s YTT allowed me to move through so much healing work and also how to reconnect with divinity and how to truly live the yogic lifestyle! This training offered me a transformational experience! Mat and Ash truly give all of their best knowledge and gifts in teaching this training and it is felt by every student. I loved every part of SYI! -Kristy Afrasiabi


The Inner Work Yoga Method 

At Sacred Yoga Institute we teach you the Inner Work of Yoga because we believe yoga works from the inside out


Unlike fitness based yoga, Inner Work Yoga's purpose isn't to get in shape or lose weight, it's to heal trauma, release stuck energy, and awaken to higher states of consciousness. Through blending ancient yogic practices with modern psychology and somatic movement, we train teachers to facilitate transformative healing experiences  To achieve this we use a myriad of tools in all our classes including: Breathwork, Kundalini Kriyas, Inner Work Processes, Somatic Healing Exercises, Yoga Poses, Meditation, Chakra Psychology, Mantra & Mudra.

Experience an Inner Work Yoga Class


How The Program Works

Weekly Live 

3hrs of live, interactive workshops every week in our digital classroom





Take your time completing pre-recorded lessons and assignments on your own time

Private peer



Stay in touch with your teachers and peers throughout the entire journey

Real mentorship


Get personalized and individual feedback through practice teaching 

Sacred Yoga Institute is a highly intimate online yoga school with a lot of human interaction and two-way communication!

Our virtual classroom consists of weekly live video conference calls. These three-hour weekly live workshops are what create our global community and give an in-person feel. Because our unique hands-on program allows us to gather together weekly online, You will be getting real mentorship and feedback from us throughout your entire journey. This format also allows you to create bonds and friendships with your classmates that will last a lifetime!