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Sacred Yoga Institute

Inner Work Yoga Teacher Training


Become a Spiritual Teacher + Holistic Healer  

& a 200hr Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher

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Take this training if you want to be able to transform people's lives and guide them in their spiritual
self-healing journey

We don't train teachers to teach fitness-based yoga classes. We train teachers on how to help people expand their consciousness, self-heal,

and transform their lives through Inner Work


Our goal at Sacred Yoga Institute is to reintroduce the ancient and original practices and philosophies of yoga that are designed to help individuals reach their highest potential of Supreme Consciousness. And to blend those ancient practices with modern holistic psychology and Inner Work to powerfully transform people from the inside out. 

Our promise is that our teachers leave our program confident in transforming people's lives. Whether it be by creating their own programs or leading their own workshops, retreats or one-on-one coaching--our teachers are more than equipped to design their own personal spiritual brand helping people in the ways they always dreamed of.

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Unprecedented Results

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Immerse yourself in the spiritual yoga lifestyle and transform yourself from the inside out.


Learn how to teach and lead from your own experience, inspiration, and internalized wisdom



Learn how to facilitate transformative experiences for people both online and in-person


Diversify your offerings with unlimited potential beyond typical physical fitness yoga classes



I highly recommend Sacred Yoga Institute! Ash and Mat are authentic and genuine experienced practitioners and teachers of yoga! This teacher training has prepared me to feel confident in teaching yoga, including kriyas, kundalini, and work with yantra, mantra, and mudras, as well as guiding meditations and inner work processes. This training taught me how to confidently hold space for my students and how to lead from my heart and from my own experience as a teacher. On top of this I also learned how to create and start an online platform from which I can teach yoga from as a business for myself! I learned so much! In addition Mat and Ash’s YTT allowed me to move through so much healing work and also how to reconnect with divinity and how to truly live the yogic lifestyle! This training offered me a transformational experience! Mat and Ash truly give all of their best knowledge and gifts in teaching this training and it is felt by every student. I loved every part of SYI! -Kristy Afrasiabi


The Inner Work Yoga Method 

At Sacred Yoga Institute we teach you the Inner Work of Yoga because we believe yoga works from the inside out


Unlike fitness based yoga, Inner Work Yoga's purpose isn't to get in shape or lose weight, it's to heal trauma, release stuck energy, and awaken to higher states of consciousness. Through blending ancient yogic practices with modern psychology and somatic movement, we train teachers to facilitate transformative healing experiences  To achieve this we use a myriad of tools in all our classes including: Breathwork, Kundalini Kriyas, Inner Work Processes, Somatic Healing Exercises, Yoga Poses, Meditation, Chakra Psychology, Mantra & Mudra.

Experience an Inner Work Yoga Class


How The Program Works

Weekly Live 

3hrs of live, interactive workshops every week in our digital classroom





Take your time completing pre-recorded lessons and assignments on your own time

Private peer



Stay in touch with your teachers and peers throughout the entire journey

Real mentorship


Get personalized and individual feedback through practice teaching 

Sacred Yoga Institute is a highly intimate online yoga school with a lot of human interaction and two-way communication!

Our virtual classroom consists of weekly live video conference calls. These three-hour weekly live workshops are what create our global community and give an in-person feel. Because our unique hands-on program allows us to gather together weekly online, You will be getting real mentorship and feedback from us throughout your entire journey. This format also allows you to create bonds and friendships with your classmates that will last a lifetime! 
In addition to the weekly live online workshops, you will also be given access to our self-study videos, reading, and teacher training manual which you can complete at your own pace. Even in the self-study portion of this training you will still continue to receive personal guidance from us as you complete and submit homework assignments and teaching assignments. 


Sacred Yoga Institute is a unique, unforgettable, and beautiful YTT. Leaving this school, you will be well-trained and equipped to be a powerful yoga instructor. It is visible to anyone the amount of heart, soul, effort, and time that has been put into putting together this school and community. What you learn here is invaluable and will never be forgotten. I am honoured to have attended this school and I will always appreciate the time, care, and love the YTT trainers have shown me during my training. -Jillian Walters

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What You'll Learn

Yoga History & Philosophy:

Dive into the ancient history of yoga including keystone texts such as; The Vedas, The Upanishads, That Hatha Yoga Pradipika, The Bhagavad Gita, & The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali.

Inner Work Theory:  Learn about the Themes of Consciousness and how to use frequency awareness to help people self-heal and reprogram their minds.


Tantric practices: Learn about the vibrant practices that set Tantra apart from other traditions including mantra, yantra, kriya, chanting, and the tattwas.

Study the Principles of Pranayama: Immerse yourself in the ancient techniques of creating and expanding your natural pranic field or life-force energy.

Meditation: You will learn how the brain is responsible for programming our personality and beliefs, plus how meditation can be used to transform our lives for good.

Yoga Anatomy: Explore the anatomy and physiology of yoga poses and how functional movement plays a role in practice and teaching. 

Explore a Variety of Yoga Styles: Including Hatha, Kundalini, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative, Iyengar Inspired, and so many more! 

Asana & Alignment: Discover the skills of cueing poses with proper alignment in all categories of asana including; standing, twisting, back-bending, and inverting. 

Yoga Sequencing: Learn how to create and build your own classes from start to finish with healing focused themes, sequences, and cueing.

Chakra Systems: Learn the inner realms and energy system of the 7 chakras and how they relate to our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


Teacher Practicum: Learn the fundamentals of teaching, leading, and public speaking, as well as designing classes and sequencing. You will get real feedback and teaching experience from this training.


Learn the 8 limbs of Yoga: Including the Niyamas and Yamas (moral and ethical adherences) and how they relate to being a yoga practitioner and a yoga teacher.

Business of Yoga: Learn how to create your own spiritual brand plus the fundamentals of marketing, social media, & getting hired at studios, You will even learn how to lead your own retreats and online courses! 

Kundalini Kriyas: Learn dozens of energy clearing kundalini kriyas designed to create specific healing results and learn how to combine them and thread them into you class designs

Human Design: Dive into the astrological study of Human Design charts and how to use them in your teaching!


I had no idea we would be weaving so much Inner Work, yoga philosophy, human design and chakra philosophy all into the practice. I absolutely love it! This is exactly what I wanted but wouldn't have been able to tell you what I hoped to experience.

The universe was spot on in creating the connection.

-Candice Rue


Download School Brochure &
Live Workshop Schedule

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Over 150 Teachers have trained with us
from all over the world! 

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This is the hands-down the most diverse and comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training you will ever experience. Mat and Ash are authentically invested in ensuring you have the most well-rounded understanding of Yoga AND all of the tools you’ll need to succeed in your career as a Yoga Teacher and Inner Work Facilitator. I have yet to see any other yoga schools offer a complete mind-body-spirit immersion from  blended Eastern and Western perspectives. As a physical therapist who’s spent over 100k on my education, this is the best investment I’ve ever made in my personal development. I feel more enlivened with my sense of purpose than ever before. I can’t speak enough about the value; the alignment you’ll receive in your personal well-being alone is truly priceless." -Jessie Klein

It just has depth you want to you learn. I have not seen other yoga trainings that really provide this much variety in the elements of yoga. This training teaches you way more than just the phsyical movements. It prepares us to teach not only asanas, but breath work, mantras, Kriyas, meditation, and inner work process. Sacred yoga institute develops their students into autonomous teachers!

-Jillian Walker

1. Weekly live zoom workshops

2. Weekly pre-recorded self-paced content

4. Individualized feedback on your teaching 

3. Real mentorshio one-one-one 

5. Social media, business, and branding training

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6. Community support and private interactive peer group


7. Spiritual immersion& Life-changing transformation

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8. Yoga Alliance Approved

Incredible India - THE VIEWS WE

Traditional yoga

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Yoga is not about physical fitness, gaining flexibility or losing weight. These are all definitely positive side effects to the practice, but they are not the true goal of yoga. The aim of yoga is Self-realization, enlightenment, and ultimately true freedom and lasting happiness.

The true practices of yoga are designed to help shed away the layers of our conditioned limitations, patterned behaviors and beliefs, thus revealing our true and eternal nature. The highest version of our Selves that cannot be distracted away from deep seated, perpetual inner peace and cosmic wisdom.

Authentic Yoga transforms people from the inside out by revealing the hidden shadows of the unconscious and bringing it all to the light to be transmuted and purified.

Students can expect to learn a myriad of yogic practices and traditions including authentic hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, vinyasa flow, tantrik yoga (chakra, mantras, mudras, and ceremony) bhakti yoga (devotional), and much more.

This training is ideal for anyone who is being called to dive deeper into the subtle realms of consciousness and who is willing to dedicate themselves to not only the study of yoga on a philosophical and practical level, but also the study of one's self. 

Deciding to teach yoga should not just be based on a career move. It should be a sincere calling deep within your heart. Yoga Teacher Training is an investment in the future. Being an inspired and excellent teacher involves much more than getting a certificate. It requires dedication, discipline, and continuous practice. Your future career as a teacher is simply the natural side effect. The yearning to share with others. 


Taylor Henley

I would 1000% recommend Mat and Ash as teacher trainers! You don’t have to spend much time with them to recognize how passionate they are about yoga, inner work, and serving as guides for others on a healing journey. I feel very safe and comfortable speaking to them about not only my successes but also any hesitations or blocks that I may feel. The feedback they provide is always so insightful, helpful, and encouraging and they truly are available to guide and support you throughout the entire process.

 Kayleigh Michael 

Sacred Yoga Institute is hands down the school you want to attend if you want the freedom to learn at your own pace as well as an in-depth teaching of authentic yoga. They go far beyond basic asanas in this program to not only transform your life, but to give you the skills and knowledge to do the same for others. Mat and Ash are amazing, kind-hearted spirits who give you unconditional love and support throughout their entire program and after. I am so happy I chose SYI and will forever recommend them to anyone I encounter interested in a yogic/inner work path!

Jillian Walker

I loved how raw and real Mat and Ash were, It really made you feel like they are truly with you on this journey, and that they aren't just the teachers at the front of the room. The interactivity of the group was also an incredible feature. I would most definitely recommend this training! Mat and Ash speak so fluently and provide such in depth engagement that allows everyone participate and stay engaged! They know their stuff and present it so beautifully! 

Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu valley, Ne

Yoga has moved online



Yoga At Home

36 million people in America practice yoga, and 67% of them say they practice at home online.



Zoom Rooms

Since Covid-19 began zoom (online video conferencing platform) has increased sales by 169%, and innovative yoga teachers have learned to bring their classes directly to students' homes



From A Device

In 2019, 52 million people downloaded a yoga or meditation app!




The number of US citizens practicing yoga or meditation from home has doubled 3X since 2012!

As two people who have taught in yoga studios for the past decade and owned two of our own brick and mortar studios, we are truly amazed to witness the enormous surge of online practitioners. It's something we could never imagine even 10 years ago, but since 2020 just about EVERYTHING has moved online, including yoga!


We are blessed to have been prompted 8 years ago to start transitioning and learning the online world of teaching through video and social media and we have seen the impact that sharing our gifts digitally has had.


Since moving online, we have grown an online community of over 500K people between all of our social media platforms and have developed many online courses, live zoom workshops, taken our yoga teacher training online, taken on dozens of private clients all over the world, and even hosted destination retreats. Being online has allowed us the time freedom to write two books, host a podcast, and make plenty of free content that's accessible to all!

I love that teaching live online is a main part of this training! At first I was nervous to teach both in our training peer group and over zoom, but After doing it many times now, I actually look forward to it and know that the more I teach the better i become.

-Lilia Geston 


The difference is we go deep

There are a lot of yoga teacher trainings to choose from! But if you are looking for a spiritual immersion, depth, and authentic found exactly that!


Our program is 8 months long so that you have the time to get a thorough education. We take you deep into the heart of yoga which can help you facilitate experiences that result in a transformation of consciousness.

This training isn't about fitness or learning to do poses, its about Immersing yourself in the truth and essence of a sacred and timeless tradition.

  • Is there a payment plan option?
    Yes! You can sign up for a payment plan upon registration.
  • Will I be able to get feedback from the teacher trainers?
    Yes! Our trainers will be in contact with you throughout the entire journey. Through monthly training video calls, our private facebook group, and through email each time you turn in an assignment. You can also reach out to them anytime throughout the course.
  • How long does it take to graduate?
    This is an 8 month training. There are 8 months of live workshops and self-study modules. There are no extensions unless of emergency’s.
  • Is this training Yoga Alliance Approved.
    Our school has been registered with Yoga Alliance for 10 years. Our school has been registered with Yoga Alliance for 10 years with on in-person trainings! Due to the Covid Pandemic Yoga Alliance has recently approved online trainings now too! So you can now complete your entire training with us onine and register as a Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher! However, in order to register with Yoga Alliance you do need to complete 200hrs. We have a 200hr online program option or you can sign up for one of our in-person trainings which include this 100hr online component in the price.
  • Will I be able to get hired and teach after this course?
    Yes! Many of our graduates have went on to have succesful and prosperous careers after training with us! However, some studios (not all) do require a Yoga Alliance registration from their teachers. In which case, you can register for one of our in-person trainings to fufill the requirements for YA registry.
  • What is the refund policy?
    Risk free trial: This training is refundable within 30 days of beginning your training. No refunds will be issued beyond 30 days of purchase.
Elephant. India, Jaipur, state of Rajast

Who Is this Training For?


Anyone looking for authentic yoga and wants to go beyond the physical practice.


Anyone who feels called to dive deeper into yoga studies, alternative wellness practices, and eastern philosophy

Anyone who wants to experience their own genuine spiritual awakening and life transformation