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100hr  Online  Yoga  Teacher  Training 

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become  a  certified  yoga  teacher  today


Who  We  Are

We believe the purpose of yoga is for us to awaken to oneness-consciousness and unconditional love. This transition into higher states of awareness can only be achieved by raising our core frequency or vibration. 
Pranashama means energy healer. As an open-system school with an ever-evolving curriculum, we pull from a myriad of ancient and modern alternative healing modalities such as kundalini, bio-hacking, tantra, vinyasa flow, inner work psychology, and shamanism (just to name a few) in order to provide our students with an array of options to help people heal.
When our graduates leave our school, they are not only leaving as certified yoga instructors with a solid foundation in classical yoga practices, but also will go on to share the living knowledge of energy healing with their students around the globe.
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“This is the 3rd online course I’ve done with Pranashama. Thank God for the opportunity to study online. I do not have the financial ability for learning and practicing but am so lucky to have Pranashama. Thank your for being on this planet and sharing this knowledge!”
-Anastassiya Kozina 
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I came to Pranashama to expand my personal & professional capacity as a yoga teacher. After graduation, I felt completely emancipated from the old limitations I had been living & teaching with. With the additional MBA mentorship I produced & lead my first retreat & it sold out very quickly. So I lead another one in Bali & that one sold out too. I have also opened my own yoga studio. I'm so grateful my dreams are all coming true! -Jasmine Margreno

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Coming from Peru, I had only practiced Kundalini yoga but when I was introduced to Pranashama's fusion style I was hooked. I first took the sup yoga YTT with Pranashama, then 3 other YTTs in Hawaii with this school. Now I am teaching so many classes & loving my life and this amazing path! My next goal is to make yoga videos in Spanish for my country & will be doing the MBA to learn how to take my yoga business to the next level! -Ingrid Noella

What  You'll Learn

Yoga History & Philosophy: Dive into the ancient history of yoga including key stone texts such as; The Vedas, The Upanishads, and The Bhagavad Gita, & The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali


Learn the 8 limbs of yoga: Including the Niyamas and Yamas (moral and ethical adherences) and how they relate to being a yoga practitioner and a yoga teacher

Study the Principles of Pranayama: Immerse yourself in the ancient techniques of creating and expanding your natural pranic field or life-force energy

Meditation 101: You will learn how the brain is responsible for programming our personality and beliefs plus how meditation can be used to transform our lives for good

Yoga Anatomy: Explore anatomy and physiology of yoga poses and how functional movement plays a role in practice and teaching 

Explore A Variety Of Yoga Styles: Including Hatha Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and more

Yoga Asanas: Challenge yourself with Dashama's World Famous 30 Day Yoga Challenge and get in the best shape of your life (a $300 value included FREE!) 


Learn Proper Alignment: Discover the skills of cueing poses with proper alignment in all categories of asana including; standing, twisting, back-bending, and inverting. 

Yoga Sequencing: Learn how to create and build your own classes from start to finish with inspiring themes, sequences, and cueing

Chakra Systems: Learn the psychology and energy system of the 7 chakras and how they relate to our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


Alternative healing practices: Learn from an array of shamanic and modern alternative haling modalites including energy work, sound healing, inner work psychology, and emotional freedom teachniques

Teacher Practicum: Learn the fundamentals of teaching, leading, and public speaking. Get real feedback from our world-class team by submitting videos with our 2-way communication feedback system


Business of Yoga: Learn how to create your own yoga brand as a teacher, fundamentals of marketing, social media, getting hired at studios, and lead your own retreats with our Master Business Academy ( $997 value included FREE!!) 



Our Founder's Story 

Who Is Online Training For?


The Early Years 

Despite a rough start, being sent to live in foster homes at age 6 after both of her parents lost their minds to drugs, Dashama excelled in her studies & was an award winning athlete, writer & scholar both in lower school & college. Her hunger for knowledge won her the Student of the Year award for stumping her AP Physics professors with questions about the nature of the Universe. No stranger to tragedy, she was involved in several near death car accidents, one that resulted in scoliosis of her spine at age 18. Doctors told her there was nothing that could be done & she'd have to live with this new condition, leaving her hopeless. Always an over achiever, several years later she hit rock bottom from work related burnout & depression which lead her on an inner quest for healing & happiness. Soon she discovered a yoga teacher who had healed her spine with yoga. She found hope that she too could regain her health & vitality to live pain free & enrolled immediately. It was during that training she experienced true oneness, joy & inner peace. She learned that we have the power to heal our minds, bodies & hearts & fully dedicated her life to spreading this message to humanity. 

Healing & Purification

Over the next 14 years, Dashama traveled the world learning from masters, healers & teachers from all walks of life. She practiced celibacy for 4 years to focus all of her energy & time on the purification & healing path. At times she was practicing & teaching yoga & meditation 8-10 hours per day. Through that journey she discovered a fulfillment & richness of being that had never been known to her before. No longer attracted to the dramas of normal life, nor drinking & partying, she invested her energy into creating a school to share the powerful teachings that had healed her spine, her heart & her life. She went on to train & certify hundreds of yoga teachers, healers & life coaches with her unique combination of ancient wisdom & modern technology she learned how to release trauma, PTSD, alleviate depression, anxiety, spinal, muscular & skeletal imbalances & misalignment, how to regulate emotional imbalances by healing the gut microbiome, alleviate stress through breath, meditation & mindfulness practices, liquid fasting, vipassana silent meditation, Ayurveda, Qi Gong, Kundalini, Tantra, Mantra, EFT, holotropic breathwork, laughter, dancing, movement meditation, holistic nutrition & love. 

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Innovator & Trend Setter 

Dashama was one of the first creators on Youtube in 2006, yet her growth & visibility began when she launched the first online yoga challenge in 2008. Her 30 Day Yoga Challenge went viral reaching millions of viewers world wide. This inspired a movement that is still growing today as brands & individuals leverage Yoga Challenges to reach & engage audiences & customers world wide. Her 2016 version called 30DYC, aka the P90X of yoga, sponsored by Banyan Tree Resort Maldives, was featured on QVC during Black Friday in 2017, sold as a bonus offer with Amazon Kindle Fire & Xbox selling over 75,000 units in one day.

She is also credited for starting the paddle board yoga trend, after she released a SUP Yoga video on youtube in 2009 which went viral. She co-branded her own line of SUP Yoga boards with Starboard International & traveled the world as a professional water sports athlete with her "Be the Change" tour for 5 years & was featured on magazine covers & TV in many countries. 

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Anyone who has a full-time career and can not take 30 days off of work to do an in-person yoga teacher training 

Stay-at-home parents who need the flexibility of home-based education

Full-time college students who are looking for an affordable and flexible yoga teacher training program

Anyone who feels called to dive deeper into yoga studies, alternative healing practices, and eastern philosophy

Certified Yoga Teachers looking to further develop and expand 

Anyone who is longing for a inspiring career change


Entrepreneurs who want to develop their own brand in the wellness industry

Anyone who dreams of hosting yoga retreats, teaching at yoga festivals, and traveling the world doing what they love

Anyone who is yearning for a transformational life-changing experience and a sense of like-minded community


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What  You'll Get

30 DYC + Detox


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$97 value


100hrs of

Teacher Training Videos

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$1997 value


Master business


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$997 value


A total of $3091 in value for only $1497 


One-time payment of $1497 

18% Savings! 

12 monthly payments

of $147

no risk. 3 day-money back guarantee.  

enroll now

Peak  Inside The Training

Become a certified yoga teacher today!

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Instant enrollment into the online 100 Hour Pranashama Yoga Teacher Certification course. You'll gain access to dozens of hours of yoga teaching videos, yoga teacher training resources and books. 
Live Your Dreams! 
Become a certified yoga teacher and live your dreams of teaching yoga, traveling, hosting retreats, and creating your own schedule.
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Connect with like-minded individuals all over the world with our private teacher training group. 
Affordable Payment Plans!
Pay monthly with our affordable payment plans.
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The Pranashama Yoga Teacher Program is self-paced so you can study and graduate at your pace.
Life Time Access To All Materials!
All materials are yours to keep for life, so you can rewatch over and over again.
Real Life Feedback!
Our teacher training team is here for you. You will get one-on-one support and feedback throughout the entire training! 


Expand your consciousness and raise your core vibration
Get in the best physical shape of your life
Heal yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically 
Learn how to teach and heal others
Get access to dozens of ancient and modern healing techniques
Become a certified yoga teacher and finally pursue a career you are passionate about
Get mentorship as a conscious entrepreneur and set yourself free financially 
Be a part of a conscious tribe of truth-seekers and expanders
Break free from life long limiting programing and create the life of your dreams