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100hr  Online  Yoga  Teacher  Training 

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become  a  certified  yoga  teacher  today


Who  We  Are

We believe the purpose of yoga is for us to awaken to oneness-consciousness and unconditional love. This transition into higher states of awareness can only be achieved by raising our core frequency or vibration. 
Pranashama means energy healer. As an open-system school with an ever-evolving curriculum, we pull from a myriad of ancient and modern alternative healing modalities such as kundalini, bio-hacking, tantra, vinyasa flow, inner work psychology, and shamanism (just to name a few) in order to provide our students with an array of options to help people heal.
When our graduates leave our school, they are not only leaving as certified yoga instructors with a solid foundation in classical yoga practices, but also will go on to share the living knowledge of energy healing with their students around the globe.
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“This is the 3rd online course I’ve done with Pranashama. Thank God for the opportunity to study online. I do not have the financial ability for learning and practicing but am so lucky to have Pranashama. Thank your for being on this planet and sharing this knowledge!”
-Anastassiya Kozina 
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I came to Pranashama to expand my personal & professional capacity as a yoga teacher. After graduation, I felt completely emancipated from the old limitations I had been living & teaching with. With the additional MBA mentorship I produced & lead my first retreat & it sold out very quickly. So I lead another one in Bali & that one sold out too. I have also opened my own yoga studio. I'm so grateful my dreams are all coming true! -Jasmine Margreno

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Coming from Peru, I had only practiced Kundalini yoga but when I was introduced to Pranashama's fusion style I was hooked. I first took the sup yoga YTT with Pranashama, then 3 other YTTs in Hawaii with this school. Now I am teaching so many classes & loving my life and this amazing path! My next goal is to make yoga videos in Spanish for my country & will be doing the MBA to learn how to take my yoga business to the next level! -Ingrid Noella

What  You'll Learn