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Sacred Yoga Studio Co-Op

Spiritual yoga. Donation-based. live classes. from home.

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Connect with Spirit daily

If you are seeking spiritually minded yoga and meditation classes that will help you to raise your vibration, connect with cosmic consciousness, and deepen your connection to the Divine, you found the right place to practice!

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Our yoga classes pull from a diverse variety of styles including vinyasa flow, yin, kundalini, hatha, and restorative.



Classes included energy cleaning practices called kriyas. Similar to how doing yoga poses stretches or tones your physical body, kriyas work on your energy body! You will always feel a shift in energy after a good kriya practice.



Learn the power of intentional ritual whether it's for the upcoming new moon healing our inner child, processing an emotion, or cutting energy cords.

Gyan Mudra


Classes include traditional tantrik practices such as hand mudras and mantra chanting. 



Develop a genuine meditation practice by learning the pre-requisite techniques for allowing meditation to occur and happen to us


Authentic yoga

All classes at Sacred Yoga are based in authentic spiritual yoga. Our primary goal is to re-introduce the original teachings of yoga darshan based on Self-realization and enlightenment as a response to the dilution of yoga in the Western world. 

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Connect with your higher-Self daily

Develop a spiritual daily practice

Get re-inspired daily

Experience harmony in your mind, heart, body, and soul

Master your mind and process your emotions

Raise your vibration

Move, stretch, tone, release, and strengthen your body

Learn powerful breathing techniques

Self-heal and return to your center

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