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unlimited access to daily live classes for only $22/month or $147/year 

raise your vibration daily

Whether you are searching for your soul's purpose, want to get into the best shape of your life, or are seeking to connect with a high vibe community, our spiritually minded yoga and meditation classes will help you to raise your vibration, connect with cosmic consciousness, and deepen your connection to source energy!
This  is  much  more  than  a  virtual  yoga  studio,  it's  a  vibe !


Choose from a variety of diverse yoga classes including vinyasa flow, yin, kundalini, hatha, and restorative.


Join daily guided meditations for relaxation, creativity, and spiritual development.

energy work

Join monthly challenges, cleanses, and workshops designed to help you master your energy & raise your vibration.

Connect with your high vibe tribe

Connect with cosmic consciousness

Get  inspired daily

Experience harmony

Master your mind

Raise your vibration

Get in the best shape of your life

Breathe into your expansion

Heal your ancestral lineage

join Live Classes in real time 

No traffic. No gym bag. No hassle.
Join live classes daily from the comfort of your home! 

Meet your teachers

Because our classes are live and in real time, you will receive the benefit of true teacher mentorship. Ask questions, get answers, and surpass your physical, mental, and spiritual goals! 

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