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Self Love & Yoga 

You are always enough. It's time to remember your worth.

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Join my FREE 7 Day Self Love & Yoga challenge and watch your life transform! As soon as you can grasp the magnitude of your existence you will be able to access a realm of your life that is far greater than you could have ever imaged because your mind was filled with limiting beliefs. It's time to put down all the thoughts that are holding you back from embracing your Divine radiance! 


What  You Will  Experience

Heal self-doubt and comparison syndrome on the deepest core level 


Recognize your true radiance and embrace your highest essence


Raise your vibration to the best version of yourself possible


Heal your gut and balance happiness chemicals for optimal joy


Fall in love with yourself and magnetize your aura 


Move out of lack mentality and naturally attract abundance


What's Included In Your Free Gift 


Self Love Affirmations

Embrace your worthiness and step into your radiance 


Miracle Morning Yoga

Melt away stress and tension. Feel your best! 


Love & Forgive EFT

Heal and let go of toxic energy.


Green Smoothie Cleanse

Detox and cleanse your body, mind, and soul. Bonus FREE E-book!

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Meet   Your Instructor 

Since 2005 Dashama has produced hundreds of videos, multiple best selling online courses, 32 instructional DVDs, written 5 books, lead international retreats, teacher trainings and events serving the growing demand for her high quality educational material in the meditation, yoga, health & wellness market segment known as LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability). Her productions have distribution globally through Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, ATT Uverse, Broadband TV, Marriott Hotels, Shangri-la Resorts, Roku, Apple TV, Daily Yoga app + more with a total reach of over 150 million potential daily viewers combined.

Despite a rough start, being sent to live in foster homes at age 6 after both of her parents lost their minds to drugs, Dashama excelled in her studies & was an award winning athlete, writer & scholar both in lower school & college. Her hunger for knowledge won her the Student of the Year award for stumping her AP Physics professors with questions about the nature of the Universe.

No stranger to tragedy, she was involved in several near death car accidents, one that resulted in scoliosis of her spine at age 18. Doctors told her there was nothing that could be done & she'd have to live with this new condition, leaving her hopeless. Always an over achiever, several years later she hit rock bottom from work related burnout & depression which lead her on an inner quest for healing & happiness. Soon she discovered a yoga teacher who had healed her spine with yoga. She found hope that she too could regain her health & vitality to live pain free & enrolled immediately. It was during that training she experienced true oneness, joy & inner peace. She learned that we have the power to heal our minds, bodies & hearts & fully dedicated her life to spreading this message to humanity. 


Over the next 14 years, Dashama traveled the world learning from masters, healers & teachers from all walks of life. She practiced celibacy for 4 years to focus all of her energy & time on the purification & healing path. At times she was practicing & teaching yoga & meditation 8-10 hours per day. Through that journey she discovered a fulfillment & richness of being that had never been known to her before. No longer attracted to the dramas of normal life, nor drinking & partying, she invested her energy into creating a school to share the powerful teachings that had healed her spine, her heart & her life. She went on to train & certify hundreds of yoga teachers, healers & life coaches with her unique combination of ancient wisdom & modern technology she learned how to release trauma, PTSD, alleviate depression, anxiety, spinal, muscular & skeletal imbalances & misalignment, how to regulate emotional imbalances by healing the gut microbiome, alleviate stress through breath, meditation & mindfulness practices, liquid fasting, vipassana silent meditation, Ayurveda, Qi Gong, Kundalini, Tantra, Mantra, EFT, holotropic breathwork, laughter, dancing, movement meditation, holistic nutrition & love. 

Dashama was invited to be a key note speaker & presenter at the United Nations in 2016 for International Day of Happiness in honor of the Kingdom of Bhutan. She has been invited to speak & consult at hospitals, corporations, schools & with international brands such as Nike Global Leadership Summit, XDubai, University of Virginia, Illinois State Senate, Warwick University UK, as well as to create Yoga Awareness Week & Speak at Sony Motion Picture Studios. She has served on expert panels with Harvard medical research doctor Sat Bir Khalsa on several occasions and has been featured in several best selling books including 'The Miracle Morning' & 'Choose Yourself' & the documentary film 'Awake' the life story of Yogananda. People from all walks of life benefit from her heartfelt stories & proven strategies for over coming adversity, living life fearlessly & achieving a purpose driven life of success, health & happiness regardless of circumstances. She has gone on to impact hundreds of millions of hearts world wide through her videos, courses & partnerships with her timely message of healing, hope and happiness. 

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